Game of Thrones

Prequels have become more common these days. As most of the series gets end sooner than expected, the channel decides to have prequels to make fans happy. Before we enter inside the story, cast, and more, let me tell you what a spin-off series is all about as we all know that the series GOT ended up with “The Iron Throne” episode as the last episode.

However, HBO stated that there would be a spin-off about the Targaryen history in specific or something like that. This special edition is known as a spin-off. Talks are taking place about four spin-offs at present, and also we could expect a two more added up to it. Continue reading to know more about the spin-off series House of the Dragon! I hope all will love this prequel.

“House of the Dragon”: Release Date

When the news about the prequel started to flash, all of us became a lot more excited. From that day, we are waiting for the release of this spin-off on House of the Dragons. Condal and Martin are said to direct this spin-off. This story is going to be about Targeyrans. Only the order for the prequels has taken place so that the production would start. But to our dismay, the world-wide Pandemic COVID-19 is a hurdle for this production works too. All the seasons from 1- 8 got telecasted at NOW TV, and these prequels would also premiere over the same platform. However, there is no confirmation on the toss of the spin-off, but we can expect it by 2022.

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“House of the Dragon”: Cast

There is no official confirmation about the cast of the spin-off as the story is rooted back to 300 years. We can also not expect our present characters there because they would not be born at that time and would be hilarious if shown! However, a new set of characters may appear. Maybe the immortals like the Night King, or the children from the forest could make guest appearances. We got to wait a little more to know the cast. A lot more adventure would surely happen in the Targeyran Kingdom! Also, the audition for the happened in February 2020.

“House of the Dragon”: Plot

This series is undoubtedly not going to be the continuation of the season Game of Thrones. However, this spin-off would take us 300 years back, focusing mainly on the history of the Targeyrans before Game of Thornes. Eventually, we could know more about the older families of Bartheons, Lannisters, and the Starks. A few of the Ancestors of the families and their long lost history would be the main focus. We can also see the Dragon Balerion if we are lucky. Who knows, maybe even Aegon will return with his wives! All our fingers remain crossed.

“House of the Dragon”: Storyline

The Game of Thrones has a total of 8 seasons that stole all our hearts. This story will take us back to the Targeyrans and their endless wars to conquer the territory. The Targaryen civil war will be the main focus of this spin-off, with also Aegon’s Conquest for War as a part. However, having a lot of twists and turns and would be a spoiler if revealed!

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