The White House correspondent for NBC managed to squeeze both candidates and direct, this time effectively, the last one-on-one before the elections in the United States.

The White House correspondent for NBC Kristen Welker was under pressure After the disastrous first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden eyes were on whether the moderator would get the candidates this time to respect the rules of the last head to head before the November 3 elections.

The journalist far exceeded the goal Not only did he get the White House hopefuls to communicate their proposals to viewers but he also asked about the progress made room for appeals without losing control and effectively conducted the meeting

Once finished they asked Chris Wallace moderator of the first debate what he thought Im jealous the Fox News veteran replied

COMBO This combination of pictures created on October 22 2020 shows Democratic Presidential candidate and former US Vice President Joe Biden R and US President Donald Trump pointing during the final presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville Tennessee on October 22 2020 Photos by JIM BOURG POOL AFP
Photogallery The debate in pictures

Welker 44 became the second AfricanAmerican to moderate a presidential debate in US history on Thursday Before the meeting Trump publicly criticized her

He described her as a terrible biased journalist and falsely claimed that she had deleted her Twitter account in order to hide messages that would deprive her of objectivity

However during the hour and a half of debate the moderator did not give rise to judgment on her professionalism The president even congratulated her during the headsup
So far I respect the way you are handling this I have to say it And Twitter communed with the president Turned into a trending topic everything was praise for the journalist

A factor that contributed to Welker being able to carry out his work was that the Debate Committee decided that for this meeting the microphones of the candidate who did not have the floor be silenced in order to avoid interruptions and undue replies during the initial presentation of two minutes for each applicant and thematic block

Trump disqualified the measure when it was announced earlier this week assuring that it was crazy and that there was nothing fair in the agreed mode of debate Doubts haunted whether the US president was going to comply and to a large extent he did

The moderator knew well those in front of her During his career he covered the Barack Obama Administration with Biden as vice president and has been doing the same with the Trump administration for almost four years

Walker joined NBC News in 2010 having spent five years as a reporter and presenter at the WCAU television station in her hometown of Philadelphia Pennsylvania After a brief stint at the Los Angeles office in 2011 he was assigned to cover the White House where he continues Earlier this year she started as a cohost of the Saturday news show Weekend Today.

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