Sun. Jan 17th, 2021

The ex-president leaves the South American country without notice to comply with an invitation he received from Caracas

In the greatest secrecy Evo Morales has left Argentina this Friday according to sources from the closest environment of the former president of Bolivia confirmed to EL PAÍS

Morales boarded a plane from the Venezuelan state airline Conviasa in Buenos Aires with route to Caracas The same source confirmed that the Bolivian delegation plans to return on Saturday after completing a tour that was pending without giving further details

The Conviasa plane arrived at the Ezeiza international airport in Buenos Aires after noon this Friday Three hours later it took off again with Evo Morales on board

The trip forced the suspension of a working dinner in which his team had to discuss the details of a possible return of Morales to Bolivia The meeting was held for Saturday morning

Morales has lived in Argentina since December 12 in Argentina where he arrived as a refugee after a hasty stopover in Mexico

Since then he has occupied a house in Buenos Aires in a middleclass neighborhood He is visited by local leaders linked to the Peronist government and leaders of the huge Bolivian diaspora in Argentina 145000 were able to vote who supported him on Sunday with 88 of the votes

After the victory of the MAS in the last elections in Bolivia they await his return The return however is delayed A probable date is November 8 when the inauguration of the new president Luis Arce is scheduled

On Monday after the triumph of his political dolphin Morales said his return was a matter of time Argentine President Alberto Fernández met with him on Tuesday and openly expressed his intention to accompany him on his trip to La Paz

But in Bolivia there is no agreement on the best moment for the return of the leader In the MAS the position prevails that Morales must first resolve the multiple judicial processes he faces initiated by the interim government of Jeanine Áñez after his forced exit from power

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