Two Souls Of The Government Move Away For Monarchy

The two souls of the Government move away for the monarchy. The PSOE and United We Can have opposite positions and in this they do not function as a coalition.

The unprecedented coalition government that La Moncloa has led since the beginning of the year has many open internal fronts. But in all of them, with very strong economic debates, it works as a coalition: it discusses, sometimes publicly, many others privately, and tries to reach an agreement to approve decisions in the Council of Ministers.

This is what just happened with evictions, for example. However, in the delicate matter of the Monarchy, the two souls of Government are increasingly estranged and do not really function as a coalition.

They do not exchange information – the PSOE has not told UP anything about the efforts to prepare the King’s speech or the contacts to resolve the crisis due to the scandal of the opaque funds of the former head of State – nor do they debate about the position to take , because they have two antagonistic visions.

It is somehow agreed that everyone is free in this matter, but it does not stop generating tensions. The PSOE has bet on this crisis to protect the Monarchy as much as possible and make it clear that the socialists will remain faithful to the constitutional pact, and that includes that at no time will they doubt that the form of State in Spain is a parliamentary monarchy for a long time that its electorate and its bases are divided on this matter.

On the contrary, United We can increasingly press the accelerator to reactivate the republican debate, which according to Pablo Iglesias’s analysis is being agitated by the scandal of the King Emeritus and could become in the future a central issue of the electoral debate, something that so far it has never happened in Spain.

While the PSOE insists on protecting King Felipe VI and separating him from the actions of his father, United We can see it impossible to do that in a dynastic institution, in which the position is inherited. Therefore they believe that the case affects the King.

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