Rosario Porto, Asunta’s mother, is buried in the Santiago cemetery. The body was transferred from Ávila, where it had remained since the woman, convicted of the death of her daughter in 2013, committed suicide in Brieva prison in November

Asunta Basterra’s mother, Rosario Porto Ortega, has been buried this Saturday at noon in the municipal cemetery of Boisaca, Santiago, in a grave owned by her maternal family.

José Luis Gutiérrez Aranguren, the lawyer who took charge of his defense and his representation from shortly after his arrest to the present, was present at the funeral, carried out with discretion.

The remains of the Compostela woman sentenced to 18 years in prison, along with her ex-husband Alfonso Basterra, after a popular jury considered them the perpetrators of the murder of her 12-year-old daughter in 2013, already rest in a grave on the ground.

They were transferred at dawn from Ávila. They had been in the province’s forensic institute since November 18, first awaiting some evidence ordered by the court, and then pending the relatives who took charge.

Rosario Porto, 51, was found dead in her cell in Avila’s Brieva prison on November 18, hanged with the cord of her gown when no anti-suicide protocol was applied to her.

Asunta Yong Fang’s mother, adopted by marriage in China when she was just a baby, she had already tried repeatedly to kill herself in the previous prisons where she had served her sentence (Teixeiro in A Coruña and A Lama in Pontevedra).

She finally succeeded months after arriving in Ávila (she was transferred there on the eve of the state of alarm being decreed). Her lawyer explained after her death that the prison authorities never answered the inmate when she requested that the psychiatrist who was following her case already in Galicia and her lawyer could visit her in prison.

The woman, who suffered periods of depression since she was just 20 years old, died without ever accepting the sentence that was imposed on her. Until the last moment he flatly denied having killed his daughter , who appeared on a forest track a few kilometers from the family chalet with signs of mechanical suffocation.

The investigating judge in the case ordered Porto to be detained hours before the funeral, when the mother was watching the corpse of her daughter precisely in the Boisaca mortuary, a few meters from the cemetery where she has been buried today.

Despite the fact that both his parents, who died within a short distance between 2011 and 2012 , and his little girl (September 21, 2013) were cremated, Porto did not leave any written wishes about his own burial. In his will, deposited since 2014 in a notary in Betanzos (A Coruña), he does not give instructions in this regard.

The document limits itself to distributing the properties (flats and a chalet) between Teresa S., the friend from Ourense who did not turn her back on her after her arrest and who took charge of Asunta’s ashes, and a good friend of Francisco Porto , his father.

This heir, Juan Guillán, the first lawyer appointed by Rosario Porto when she was arrested (until he refused to continue because he was not a criminal lawyer), announced after learning the content of the will that he would renounce his part.

By the will of the deceased, other people should also receive a portion of the legacy, such as artistic objects from the family collection. Among these last heirs was the lawyer from A Coruña who did accompany Porto until now, but has also resigned.

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