Sun. Jan 17th, 2021

Ricardo Gómez has grown, literally, in front of five million viewers on average. The actor, who was seven years old when he first played Carlitos in Cuéntame, appeared weekly for seventeen years in what is already the longest-running series on Spanish television.

The 26-year-old from Madrid confesses that being recognized is something that he has very internalized and that does not weigh on him. “The best thing that can happen to you is that they value your work,” he says. Although there are always some exceptions.

For example, once he was about to go into an operating room for appendicitis surgery, wearing a gown of those that almost left his ass in the air, and one of the hospital workers asked him for a photo. “I didn’t do that one,” he says amused.

“I was very nervous and I told him it was not the time. I remember he told me that his shift was over and that when I woke up he would not be there ”. There are situations, he explains, in which one prefers to go unnoticed,

Contrary to what has happened to other child stars such as Macaulay Culkin or Daniel Radcliffe—

The first has had problems with the courts for possession of drugs and large quantities of drugs, such as Xanax and Clonazepam; and the second confessed that he had problems with alcohol and that he drank to try not to feel uncomfortable when everyone watched him if he went out to have fun –

Ricardo has not suffered the dark face that is usually linked to success when he reaches such a young age . “I have the feeling that people think I have had a terrible time to spend my life filming, and I can understand it. Nothing could be further from the truth.

My childhood and adolescence were great. I decided year after year to continue in the series because I was approving everything, I had my friends, I was federated in a soccer team … I had not signed any contract that would oblige me to continue for x years yes or yes.

In 2018 he decided to leave the series where he grew up and trained as an actor with Imanol Arias , Ana Duato and Juan Echanove, among others. It was not an easy decision, but I had been thinking about it for years and taking the step began to become a necessity.

His Goya nomination for his role in 1898: The Last of the Philippines and the support of his closest people helped him to trust his abilities as an actor. “I took it as a sign and showed myself that I was not crazy for thinking that I could do more than the role that had made me popular.”

Since then, the Madrilenian has done theater – Mammón , with Irene Escolar and which has also aired on HBO; Red, with Juan Echanove—, has had a supporting role in the series Vivir sin permission and has starred in several films – El substitute , Where two fit, and Mia and Moi – which will be released in 2021.

“When I left Cuéntame , a world opened to me that I did not know. On the one hand, there are many shadows and fears, to think what will be the next, but it allowed me to live ”, he confesses.

This 2020 fatal for the history of humanity has been one of the most productive years for the interpreter. “It is quite pleasant to stand up in December of this terrible year with so many new projects,” confirms the actor, who believes that the virus passed in March, but that since PCR tests were not done at that time, he is not certain.

“I was like twenty days without taste or smell and feeling terrible. But I had no way of knowing, I locked myself at home, period ”.

After leaving Cuéntame , the natural step for him was to get out of focus; from gathering millions of spectators to settling for 800 people in a theater. Continuing to learn about the tables has allowed him to make mistakes and get the idea that everything has to be perfect the first time.

“When you spend a lot of time with such a large exhibition it weighs down. In the theater things evolve, you are in continuous progress and you feel that what you do you do for yourself and a few. It is a journey to the roots of what this profession is ”.

In Mammón , Ricardo played several characters, and one of them is a transvestite who came on stage half-naked, painted and wearing heels. A stamp that breaks with his work in Cuéntame , but which, he affirms, has not been something premeditated.

“My goal is to participate in projects that fulfill me and with which I can connect, and if they can get away from the character for which I am known, much better. But I don’t need to wear heels to break this. ”

The actor acknowledges that in each new filming set he feels that he has to show that he knows how to do what is asked of him and that the feeling of “absolute fear” of not measuring up when he starts a project is always there. “And I hope to always have it, because it’s what makes you squeeze a little.”

Anxiety, he says, opens a lot of space in this profession in which it is so overwhelming not to work as to work hard, to be part of a project that is only done for money or one that you are passionate about in which the fear of not measuring up leads to blockade. “There is very little room to just be okay.

And telling this is very complicated because what you see of our work is the most beautiful part. I do not want to say that it is the toughest profession in the world, but not everything you see is the only thing “, the actor speaks knowingly, because on many occasions he has been forced to justify all the work behind a series, a movie or a play.

“I’ve heard things like, ‘You don’t do anything but go out there and say four sentences many times.’ What would you say is the most wrong idea they have about you? We asked him. “That my life is resolved, that I am a millionaire and a livelihood,” he answers.

Despite being publicly exposed for as long as he can remember, he has never felt overwhelmed by his circumstances. And when doubts and fears have lurked, he has managed to manage them without any professional help.

“I have ever considered it because I like to talk a lot, but I think that I have not yet had a situation in my life that says ‘it escapes me, I need help.’ Maybe it is not necessary to get there, but hey… Hopefully in a few years we will repeat this interview and I will tell you about my experience in therapy, ”he jokes, while defending the importance of destigmatizing all kinds of psychological help.

Shortly before this interview took place, Ricardo had been in his profession for twenty years. Two decades acting that have allowed him to draw this final reflection: “If I could chat with Ricardo right now who was considering a few years ago to leave Cuéntame to bet on the artistic, I would say:

‘Don’t worry, trust you’. You never don’t know how things are going to go, but to this day I can’t complain ”. And the fact that no filming has been canceled in the middle of the pandemic almost sounds like science fiction.

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