Sun. Jan 17th, 2021
Epic Games

Epic Games is going to give away several games for Christmas and, so that we can take advantage of these dates and the holidays – if we have one – they start offering Cities: Skylines for free, an authentic city management game. Here we tell you how to download Epic Games games for free and keep them forever.

Since its inception, Epic Games has been known for throwing the house out of the window when it comes to making offers and offering free games . The platform of the creators of games such as Fortnite, Gears of War or Unreal Tournament has quite a few shortcomings if we compare it with Steam, but in generosity and good work with developers and users, the truth is that little can be attributed.

These dates there are several companies and platforms that are giving away games , but Epic Games will go to a free game per day, good news for the most gamers because it is always good to get free games.

A few days ago we told you that a list of the games that Epic was going to give away had been leaked , with names like Borderlands 3 , Metal Gear Solid 5 or the impressive Horizon Zero Dawn . In the end, that was a rumor and the list seems to be different.

The first game they have given away is Cities Skylines, a city management game that is the true heir to the fantastic SimCity 2000 and SimCity 3000 from Electronic Arts. However, every day at 17:00 there will be a new game to download .

Here is the list of gifts from Epic Games that we will update every day so you do not miss anything:

December 17 – Cities Skylines
December 18 – Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty
December 19 – The Long Dark
December 20 – Defense Grid: The Awakening
December 21 – Alien Isolation
December 22 – Metro 2033 Redux
December 23 – Tropico 5
December 24 – Inside
December 25 – Darkest Dungeon
December 26 – My time at Portia

And, as I say, the best thing is that if you get the games you keep them forever. You simply have to go to the Epic Games website and download the game client.

Once you have the app on your PC and you have entered (you can do it with the Epic account, but also with the Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, Apple, Google or Facebook account), you must go to the free games section , where you are notified of which ones are available and when the next gift goes into effect.

In addition to free games, remember that there are aggressive offers in the Epic Store . We leave you the link in case you want to take a look, since, for a first purchase of more than 10 euros, we have the option of claiming a coupon for another 10 euros.

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