Sun. Jan 17th, 2021
Autonomous Communities

These days there will be trips throughout the country and some autonomous communities will ask for documentation to enter and leave their territory.

At the same time that Christmas is approaching, we are experiencing multiple changes in our country to regulate the different national movements that are made. The Government has left the communities to manage these movements and there are some that have implemented different regulations and controls .

Removing the Valencian Community, the only one that already prevents any entry or exit from the autonomous community for non-residents, in the rest of the country citizens will be able to move, although there are some that require a safe conduct to enter or leave .

After yesterday’s announcements, the autonomous communities that will request a Model of Responsible Declaration will be Madrid, Navarra, Aragon, Catalonia, La Rioja and the Basque Country . Depending on each one, the documents vary, but in general it is requested that you fill in where you are going, the address, reason, as well as if you are going with a family member or close friend.

The different autonomous communities have marked the requirements to be able to enter and exit. Although they are still subject to change and depending on the numbers of infections we may experience more news .

As we have said, the case of the Valencian Community is special and requests to prove the registration for travel, according to ABC . As for the rest of the autonomous communities, this is the necessary documentation to be able to access or exit, with their respective links .

Aragon : safe conduct
Balearic Islands : PCR
Canary Islands : PCR
Catalonia : safe conduct
Galicia : PCR if you come from a risk area
La Rioja : safe conduct
Madrid : safe conduct
Navarra : safe conduct
Basque Country : safe conduct

At the moment, these are the autonomous communities that require some type of documentation, but it is not ruled out that soon there will be more that will take the same measure . Although it is remembered that if you are passing through to another destination it is not necessary to fill in any document.

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