The leaders of the United States Congress presented on Monday a 5,593-page proposal that includes a federal spending law for an amount of 2.3 trillion dollars, which would include the stimulus package to alleviate the effects of the pandemic on the economy by value of 900,000 million dollars, according to EFE.

Local media indicated that this could be one of the largest pieces of legislation ever considered by Congress and is expected to be voted on by both houses shortly, hours after it was presented.

The 2.3 trillion dollar proposal includes funds for the federal government until the end of fiscal year 2021 next September, as well as help to stop the economic deterioration caused by covid-19 .

The initiative collects 1.4 trillion dollars for federal spending, of which 740,000 million dollars would be for Defense and 664,500 million would go to domestic programs. It also includes $ 900 billion for the so-called covid-19 relief bill, which would be the stimulus package agreed on Sunday between Democrats and Republicans.

The combined proposal of 2.3 trillion dollars – federal spending law plus stimulus package – would exceed the bailout approved last March by Congress and initialed by US President Donald Trump, worth 2.2 trillion dollars to alleviate the economic crisis generated by the coronavirus and which was the largest in US history.

In the current initiative, the stimulus package focuses on the expansion of unemployment benefits, as well as direct transfers to citizens and aid to small businesses; While the “omnibus” proposal, as the draft federal spending bill is known, covers a broader range of issues, such as transportation, agriculture, health, national security and foreign operations.

The CNN television network indicated that first the Lower House will approve this afternoon the rules on the debate of the proposal in the hemicycle, which will include extending the deadline by one week to avoid the closure of the federal Administration due to lack of funds, which has been postponed several times.

This strategy is intended to give Congress time to complete all the procedures so that the spending proposal is signed by Trump, once it receives the approval of both chambers, which is expected to take place in the next few hours, without running the risk of a government shutdown.

The vote on this macro-measure is expected to take place in two rounds in the Lower House: first, legislators will vote on financing for the departments of Commerce, Justice, Science, Financial Services, Defense and National Security.

There will then be a second round of voting to approve the rest of the spending package, with the rescue included.

After the approval of the House of Representatives, the Senate will have to put the entire proposal to a vote at once and, once it has its green light, it will be taken to the White House to be initialed by Trump.

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