The current Villarreal dresses better than Valencia In the offices and on the pitch as demonstrated in La Cerámica Emerys team won in a match played at a good level to overcome a competitive Valencian team who threw pride and courage to make up their shortcomings.

To make matters worse two exValencianistas Alcácer and Parejo set the rubric sealing the victory with two goals Parejo Peter Lims gift to Roig championed the yellow victory in an exalted match by the former captain that elevates Villarreal

Villarreals supremacy was reflected from the opening whistle The center of the yellow field took control of the ball and exercised control of the game with discretion And after five minutes he was already sending on the scoreboard by transforming a penalty committed by Gabriel Paulista to Pedraza that transformed solvent Alcácer The one from Torrent celebrated the goal in a discreet way out of respect for his hometown Valencianism.

Valencia’s reaction was timid and with little conviction More natural was the deployment of Villarreal led by Parejo and agitated by Chukwueze and Moi Gómez Emerys boy for everything with Pedraza frequently striking down the left flank And when things did not look good for Valencia Guedes appeared the good one the one with the goals.

A corner kick taken short by Soler started the Portugueses diagonal who fired a great shot to get a draw in the episodic and splendid action A goal for the eternal Españeta.

Valencia started the second half with a perfect counter that Álex Blanco missed Villarreal was warned and Javi Gracia’s group began to grow And the team that met with a double and unexpected yellow genius Kubo touched the ball with his heel for Parejos arrival who launched a missile that sneaked into Doménechs goal after hitting the crossbar.

The Coslada player could not suppress the joy of his first goal at Villarreal and later apologized to the club where he has spent his last nine seasons Valencia was left with the final outburst defeated against a better Villarreal.

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