Mon. Jan 18th, 2021

There is no more elegant rider in MotoGP Because of the way he looks up at the apex of the curve his neck stretched out his peephole always pointing to the horizon For how he traces with the delicacy with which a waltz is danced always holding onto his Suzuki with sweetness.

There is no better travel companion for Alex Rins who defends his style without making noise who does not succumb to fashions who just takes off the bike just enough This Sunday in Alcañiz a few kilometers from Valdealgorfa the town of Teruel that has seen him grow summer after summer the boy from Barcelona achieved his first victory of the year.

It was made to wait Especially after a nasty crash in the first race of the year in Jerez which left his back and shoulder battered He avoided the operating room but could not remedy a slow recovery on a motorcycle and from circuit to circuit.

His delicate physical condition, as well as the character of the Suzuki so constant in the race less explosive than its rivals when it comes to embroidering a very fast lap have forced Rins to sign the staff, are grateful wonderful comebacks this year.

As soon as he improved and managed not to get stuck in Q1 As happened this Saturday the comeback was less spectacular but it also lasted fewer laps And it allowed him to reach the head of the race in no time

Petrucci sweeps in the rain Alex Márquez delivers a fantastic comeback
Àlex Márquez, They say that only Marc knows how to drive the Honda.

Among those few in addition to his teammate Mir who deflated in the final laps to finish third on an entirely Spanish podium and by the way, reach the lead was Álex Márquez No one was counting on him despite the fact that he already took the podium last Sunday at a rainy Le Mans circuit.

The youngest of the Márquez started 11th right next to the one who was his teammate for years first in the Spanish championship than in the Moto3 World Championship Both same age they are now 24 same goals different trajectory after Rins left Emilio Alzamora.

They met again a few years later fighting for the victory as they did when they were children Márquez’s comeback smooth on the gas delicate on the line his foot on the ground at each stop was more striking because he built it little by little one overtaking after another.

And they were all pure spectacle Finally very comfortable on that stubborn Honda that in his hands seems less brave every day Álex overtook the experienced Dovizioso finally seventh the fast Ducati of Miller the sweet Yamaha of Morbidelli and Quartaro also of Viñales and to the aggressive Mir

His career also casts doubt on the axiom assumed by all after years of dominance by his older brother “they say that only Marc knows how to drive the Honda” Alex conceded in a recent interview Many even thought that only one style aggressive the body completely off the hook knee elbow and shoulder scratching the asphalt served to win in MotoGP Although Márquez the oldest is not on the track these months absent due to injury after a crash in the first race in Jerez the two Álexes showed in Alcañiz that there are other ways to fly And to fight for victory

There are especially in races like this in which those who manage to pamper their tires more and better are in charge Rins and Álex Márquezthey are of those So they ended up meeting in a few meters five laps from the end When the first suffered most the second attacked who saw victory so close that he could not resist trying Until a scare at the entrance of the last corner when there was only one lap left to finish brought him back to reality The condition of the tires was becoming critical and the Honda gave it a slight jolt when the Suzuki of its rival was on top.

He lost a few tenths and also the opportunity to sign a last overtaking in search of victory He did not play it again Two podiums in a row were already a good booty for someone who begins to feel again a great pilot Champion of Moto3 and Moto2 he is a diesel he assures when the critic looks at him with distrust It has cost him less to get there however than he expected

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