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Brian Jones the musician and founder of the boy band Rolling Stones

 Brian Jones the musician and founder of the boy band Rolling Stones 

Brian Jones is the leader of most acclaimed group rolling stones. This English singer is the founder along with a great composer.

Born on 28 February 1948, he is the original leader and the guitarist of the boy band Rolling Stones. He almost plays all the instrument including rhythm guitar, lead guitar, sitar, piano, saxophone, drums and recorder.

Some Quick facts about Brian Jones:

Full name: Lewis Brian Hopkins Jones popularly known as Elmo Lewis.

Date of birth: born on 28 February 1942 in England.

Death: 3 July 1969 at the age of 27 in Hart field, England.

Profession: composer, musician and songwriter.

Instruments: He played almost all the instrument including guitar, sitar among others.

Years active: original founder of the Rolling Stones. Active from 1957 to 1969.

Childhood & Early Life

Brian Jones was born into a middle-class family in Gloucester shire, England. His father was an aeronautical engineer whereas his mother was a piano teacher. He has two sisters. He was introduced to music at a very early age and is favourite genre was jazz. Being a teenager loved playing saxophone. While, his parents bought him a new guitar.

He was an excellent student, performing well in almost all the exams. But he was stubborn too and disliked being disciplined by anyone.

The page turner in his life was when his girlfriend became pregnant in 1959. He felt ashamed and left his school while his parents gave the child for adoption.

Brian Jones first started playing for clubs and bars. His talent was recognised by a small community and soon it became a huge fan following.

While doing odds jobs he became friends with musicians and singers like Paul Jones and Jack Bruce.

How Lewis Brian Hopkins Jones became a superstar?

Rolling stones members including Brian Jones

In the hot summer of May 1942 he placed an advertisement for an audition round. Bill Wyman, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ian Stewart auditioned for this new group which eventually became world-famous Rolling Stones.

The first album was released on 1964. It became bestsellers in the United Kingdom and stayed in top charts for almost 12 weeks. The success was just getting started. But the constant travelling and pressure to perform took toll on Brian Jones leading him on the way of alcohol and drugs.

His behaviour towards his most loved music and group was not acceptable. As a result, he was kicked out by his fellow members.

He died at a very young age of 27 and his body was found motionless in the swimming pool.

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