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CeeLo Four Countries To Join the Major Concert in 2021

These join a list of international names such as CeeLo Green, Faithless, Róisín Murphy, Roosevelt, Robert DeLong, COIN, La Femme or Blu DeTiger; the participation of Argentines, including Gustavo Santaolalla, Daniel Melero, Massacre, Indios or Barco; or Mexicans like Nortec: Bostich + Fussible, María Daniela y su Sonido Lasser, Los Cogelones, Noa Sainz or El Shirota, among many others.

They will be distributed in several venues: in the Swedish city of Gothenburg due to the festival’s link with the Viva Sounds event , focused on independent music the Argentine capital Buenos Aires and the Mexican headquarters of Mexico City and Guadalajara major concert happening in 2021.

The event does not follow the same structure as the face-to-face ones; It has a schedule that changes every 10, 20 or 30 minutes. “It moves quickly to be entertaining,” explains the director. Some from room stages or live music spaces; other musicians will do it more domestically; or they will even create hybrid spaces.

“The most important thing for us was that it happen, that it not go blank this year,” says the director of the Marvin. Even so, he acknowledges the difficulty of obtaining funds: “It is a very tough year for economic issues, with business activities stopped, the budgets of the sponsors have become very volatile, four times we had the funds established and four times they disappeared.”

They put the event back together again from scratch. “The rest is creativity and work, the artistic community is sensitive to this type of activity. They were very receptive, that made it easier, ”he adds.

Although the virtual option has been given by the circumstances, Charritton considers keeping it for other years and combining it with the face-to-face one. The result has been positive: just three days after the poster was announced, it already had one million impressions.

“We did a preliminary analysis, drew positive and negative conclusions, and decided that it should be virtual and free. Normally the cost is 70 euros ”, he comments. The form of access is with a registration, then each user receives a password and finally, accesses a platform with no capacity limit.

In addition, it will also have spaces for stand-up comedy performances and an open call for bands that want to participate in the festival by sharing their music through an app . A series of conversations with artists such as He Killed a Motorized Policeman, Francisca Valenzuela, Carca or Tweety González, among many others, are added.

The director points out that it is also an opportunity to meet; the industry comes together to share. “We want to bring music to life,” concludes Charritton.


Marvin Festival Presents Virtual Edition Of Concert

The Marvin Festival was created 10 years ago, but this virtual edition is presented as 9.5 because the organizers are going to reserve that bullet to celebrate the decade live. Faced with adverse times, managers have opted to create an edition that stores bridges in addition to online , free.

”This crisis creates opportunity. In this case, we are no longer obliged to be in Mexico City ”, admits Manú Charritton, the director of the event. For this reason, artists such as CeeLo Green, Róisín Murphy , Delaporte , El Columpio Asesino or La La Love You will play from November 26 to 28 in four different countries.

There will be more than 40 musicians who will be performing live at a #FestivalMarvin 9.5 that can be enjoyed free of charge via streaming, from Platform 9.5 powered by RENTEC and through Twitch, Amazon Music MX and Amazon Music US.

The stages are distributed in Argentina, Mexico, Sweden and Spain. These elections have not been arbitrary, although Charritton acknowledges in a Zoom call that others like Japan or Germany wanted to join when they had already announced the destinations. “The three most important markets for Spanish-speaking music are those three countries; as inhabitants and musical production ”.

In Spain, the allied cities of the Mexican event will be Madrid and Seville, the latter because they collaborate with the Monkey Week Festival . Artists such as El Columpio Asesino, Delaporte, La La Love You, Ginebras and Emilia Pablo perform at the Casa de América from the capital; while in Andalusia Adiós Amores, Colectivo Da Silva and Los Mejillones Tigre will participate.

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Juice Wrld Rapper Died Due to Drugs Over Dose in Illinois

Jarad Anthony Higgins is known professionally as Juice Wrld. He an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Chicago Illinois. His song Lucid Dreams have been played billions of times on the music streaming platform Spotify. He is also known for All Girls Are the Same.

Juice Wrld Early Life –

“Juice” was born on born on December 2, 1998, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. In South Suburbs he grew up and spend his childhood in Calumet Park and later moved to Homewood. He went to Homewood-Flossmoor High School. When he was three years old his parents got separated. He was raised by a single mother along with his elder brother. He was not allowed to listen to hip hop as his mother was conservative and religious. He allowed listening to pop and rock.

“Juice” was a drug user as a child. When he was in 6th grade he drank lean and he even used Xanax and Percocets later. He also smoked but he quit in his last year of high school because of health issues.

When he was 4 years old he learned to play the piano.  He also learned guitar and drums later.

Juice Wrld Career Life –

In his 1st year of high school “Juice” began to develop as an artist.  His 1st track Forever was released in 2015 on SoundCloud under the name JuicetheKidd. He recorded most of his track on his cell phone and then he uploaded the songs on Sound Cloud in his sophomore year. His next track Too Much Cash released in 2017.

He also worked in a factory along with singing but he was not happy with the job. He was thrown out of the job within 2 weeks. He joined the internet collective Internet Money. He released his debut full-length EP, 9 9 9, on June 15, 2017, after joining with the song Lucid Dreams. The song was super hit and he gained lots of followers. Between 2017-2018 he released Goodbye & Good Riddance, 2018 -2019 Wrld on Drugs, Death Race for Love and death, and in 2020 Legends Never Die, and a second posthumous album.

Juice Wrld Personal Life-

In the year 2019 December 8 “Juice” died due to an overdose of drugs. At the time of death, it was said he was living with his girlfriend Ally Lotti in Los Angeles. At the time of his death, his net worth was $3 million.


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Mexico Does Not Know Where Peruvian Mary Lucero Mescco

The investigation into the disappearance of three citizens of Peru and a Mexican in Jalisco is entangled between false names, extortion, diplomatic notes and confused parts of the authorities.


Former Bolivian President Evo Morales Travels To Venezuela From His Exile

The ex-president leaves the South American country without notice to comply with an invitation he received from Caracas

In the greatest secrecy Evo Morales has left Argentina this Friday according to sources from the closest environment of the former president of Bolivia confirmed to EL PAÍS

Morales boarded a plane from the Venezuelan state airline Conviasa in Buenos Aires with route to Caracas The same source confirmed that the Bolivian delegation plans to return on Saturday after completing a tour that was pending without giving further details

The Conviasa plane arrived at the Ezeiza international airport in Buenos Aires after noon this Friday Three hours later it took off again with Evo Morales on board

The trip forced the suspension of a working dinner in which his team had to discuss the details of a possible return of Morales to Bolivia The meeting was held for Saturday morning

Morales has lived in Argentina since December 12 in Argentina where he arrived as a refugee after a hasty stopover in Mexico

Since then he has occupied a house in Buenos Aires in a middleclass neighborhood He is visited by local leaders linked to the Peronist government and leaders of the huge Bolivian diaspora in Argentina 145000 were able to vote who supported him on Sunday with 88 of the votes

After the victory of the MAS in the last elections in Bolivia they await his return The return however is delayed A probable date is November 8 when the inauguration of the new president Luis Arce is scheduled

On Monday after the triumph of his political dolphin Morales said his return was a matter of time Argentine President Alberto Fernández met with him on Tuesday and openly expressed his intention to accompany him on his trip to La Paz

But in Bolivia there is no agreement on the best moment for the return of the leader In the MAS the position prevails that Morales must first resolve the multiple judicial processes he faces initiated by the interim government of Jeanine Áñez after his forced exit from power


Moderator Kristen Welker, Winner Of The Presidential Debate

The White House correspondent for NBC managed to squeeze both candidates and direct, this time effectively, the last one-on-one before the elections in the United States.

The White House correspondent for NBC Kristen Welker was under pressure After the disastrous first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden eyes were on whether the moderator would get the candidates this time to respect the rules of the last head to head before the November 3 elections.

The journalist far exceeded the goal Not only did he get the White House hopefuls to communicate their proposals to viewers but he also asked about the progress made room for appeals without losing control and effectively conducted the meeting

Once finished they asked Chris Wallace moderator of the first debate what he thought Im jealous the Fox News veteran replied

COMBO This combination of pictures created on October 22 2020 shows Democratic Presidential candidate and former US Vice President Joe Biden R and US President Donald Trump pointing during the final presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville Tennessee on October 22 2020 Photos by JIM BOURG POOL AFP
Photogallery The debate in pictures

Welker 44 became the second AfricanAmerican to moderate a presidential debate in US history on Thursday Before the meeting Trump publicly criticized her

He described her as a terrible biased journalist and falsely claimed that she had deleted her Twitter account in order to hide messages that would deprive her of objectivity

However during the hour and a half of debate the moderator did not give rise to judgment on her professionalism The president even congratulated her during the headsup
So far I respect the way you are handling this I have to say it And Twitter communed with the president Turned into a trending topic everything was praise for the journalist

A factor that contributed to Welker being able to carry out his work was that the Debate Committee decided that for this meeting the microphones of the candidate who did not have the floor be silenced in order to avoid interruptions and undue replies during the initial presentation of two minutes for each applicant and thematic block

Trump disqualified the measure when it was announced earlier this week assuring that it was crazy and that there was nothing fair in the agreed mode of debate Doubts haunted whether the US president was going to comply and to a large extent he did

The moderator knew well those in front of her During his career he covered the Barack Obama Administration with Biden as vice president and has been doing the same with the Trump administration for almost four years

Walker joined NBC News in 2010 having spent five years as a reporter and presenter at the WCAU television station in her hometown of Philadelphia Pennsylvania After a brief stint at the Los Angeles office in 2011 he was assigned to cover the White House where he continues Earlier this year she started as a cohost of the Saturday news show Weekend Today.