Hispanic Vote & Latino Vote Has Been Conceived Citizens Share

Hispanic voters have become the largest minority in the United States this year for the first time With their 32 million people with the right to vote 133 of the total US electorate they have exceeded the number of registered African Americans according to calculations by the Pew Research Center

And the number does not stop growing Each year around 800000 citizens who are children of immigrants or of Latin American descent are included in the voter census and the majority of those who will vote in the next elections on November 3 are under 35 years old

It is an important group to achieve the presidency of the country with a presence in key states for the electionand whom both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are trying to conquer But there are still false beliefs about their behavior

Traditionally the Latino vote has been conceived as a bloc that is as citizens who share the same political interests and therefore tend to vote for the same party

Also that they generally support the Democrats for issues such as access to education and health or opportunities for social advancement although there is a certain fear in Joe Bidens party of falling below expectations in this group in territories like Florida

It is also often taken for granted that their main concern is immigration issues and that they also tend to vote less All these myths installed for decades in the American collective imagination have been dismantled over the years

The block vote

On the first point the founder of the association to promote the Hispanic vote Mi Familia Vota Ben Monterroso a Guatemalan immigrant who has been fighting for Latino representation for more than 40 years in the United States explains why the uniformity of the vote no longer makes sense

The first thing to do is distinguish between the Latinos who came to this country and those who were born here he says Seven in 10 are second and third generation born in the United States with an immigrant parent or with parents also born in the United States according to census figures

Among the total of Latinos with the right to vote in the country 59 are Mexican 14 are Puerto Rican 5 of Cuban origin and 22 of other Hispanic origins according to 2016 figures presented by Pew Research Center

And although it may seem that they seek the same end this belief does not match the results at the polls

Hispanic voters in California have since the 1990s given clear support to Democrats while Cuban migrants and descendants have traditionally voted for the Republican Party

Until 2019 according to the agencys figures 65 of Puerto Ricans and 59 of Mexicans supported the Democratic Party contrasting with the support of Cubans for this party only 37

The statistics for these elections point to a 73 dynamic Three in 10 would vote Republicans and seven Democrats according to Latino Decisions polls

They are all Democrats

Trump won the White House after insulting and criminalizing an entire community calling its members rapists and murderers and promising to build a wall between Mexico and the United States After that campaign the support of Hispanics was almost 30

In previous elections George W Bush broke a record of Latino support with 40 in the 2004 elections Analysts fear that although the Republican Party appears to have distanced itself from Latino voters in these years with the Trump Administration Democrats have failed to capitalize on it

California didnt change overnight we changed California says Monterroso Before 1994 it was a presumably Republican state but after Gov

Pete Wilsons Proposition 187 proposal against migration I was born politically Those years we organized We have turned the attacks on the Latino community into instruments to motivate our people to participate

Today in Arizona those young people that I saw in 2010 fighting against another conservative proposal are fighting and can change the reality of the State explains the activist

Migration your main concern

Census data explains that the vast majority are not immigrants much less undocumented 75 were born in the United States so their concerns are more like those of any other citizen

It is one of the myths because with that they say that we are all undocumented but we are 60 million people and the majority have documents and can vote says Monterroso

Before the pandemic the majority of registered Latino voters had expressed interest in raising the minimum wage creating stricter laws on gun ownership and greater government involvement in access to healthcare according to a national survey from the Pew Research Center

The immigration issue worries and bothers us because we see our pasts and we see the separation of families the treatment they are given But the most important issues are the economy education health the environment and yes an immigration reform later Because almost 80 of us have an acquaintance or relative who arrived undocumented explains Monterroso

The sleeping giant

Participation at the polls since the 1980s has traditionally been low compared to other groups Latino Decisions points out that while more than 60 of the white or African American population turn out to vote Latinos only do so by 48

The number of Latinos who could and did not vote has exceeded the number who did vote in every presidential election since 1996 said the Pew Research Center

Some elements that have affected participation are as they list the youth of the electorate almost a million Americans of Latino origin turn 18 each year the need for more efforts by the States to promote electoral registration and the Candidates approach to the Latino community

There is always talk of the sleeping giant But he is not asleep he has always been working explains Monterroso

The activist looks hopeful to 2024 That year two electoral processes will coincide that of Mexico and that of the United States and taking into account that 60 of the Latino electorate is Mexican it is possible that a greater number of voters will mobilize

Although we are not a uniform community we come from places where politics is not something unfortunately and I speak in general that we see as a solution on the contrary sometimes as a problem

And hence much of the indifference But if that year many more are involved in the electoral processes there may be a change in dynamics says Monterroso I hope that in 2024 we will see the fruits of what we have been working on May it be the year of the Latinos he adds


Morelos Prosecutor’s Office Detains 78 People Linked To Organized Crime Who Had Taken A Booth

A “criminal group” paid up to 1,500 pesos per person per day to the individuals who had blocked the crossing and kidnapped three bus drivers

On October 5 a group of people took the collection plaza 184 Francisco Velasco Durán also known as Alpuyeca in the state of Morelos

Most came from the Sierra de Guerrero although there were individuals from Michoacán and Mexico City Apparently they reached the del Sol highway in buses that they stole and whose drivers were being held hostage

Each of them charged up to 1500 pesos a day about 70 to keep the booth taken Organized crime paid them In return they had to collect between 50 and 100 pesos from all the vehicles that wanted to cross the post

On Tuesday afternoon a tactical deployment by Grupo FusiónUECS detained 78 of them and released the three drivers two of whom had been kidnapped for days inside their own buses

The photographs disseminated on the social networks of the Prosecutors Office show 45 men and 12 women Twentyone minors were also arrested and have been handed over to the Office of the Attorney for the Protection of Children and Adolescents They are guys that these people take advantage of these leaders

They are 15 or 16 years old They take advantage of the poor economic situation of these young people who have to do so in order to eat Hopefully they dont fall for these characters who continue to harm the country We have to investigate it said the governor of Morelos former soccer player Cuauhtémoc Blanco Bravo

The day after the operation another 69 people were arrested and demonstrated against the arrest of their colleagues The Morelos Prosecutors Office alleges that they attacked the police forces The released images also show the violence used by the authorities in the detention

Taking of tollbooths is a common image in Mexico Around 20 are taken a day and in the last two years they have caused the loss of more than 6000 million pesos almost 300 million dollars on federal roads according to Marco Frías director of the Mexican Association of Road Infrastructure Concessionaires Traditionally this takeover was linked to protests by social movements teachers students day laborers

Now the Mexican government has come to know them as the huachicol carter and to find their links with organized crime What happened this week in Morelos is one more proof of who the new owners of the booth outlet are

The Specialized Prosecutor against Kidnapping and Extortion Adriana Pineda Fernández assures that they still do not know who is the criminal group that is behind the blockade in Morelos

They do know that of the 78 detainees 61 are originally from Guerrero and many come from the same municipalities Ometepec and Chilpancigo from the same neighborhood and even from the same housing unit

How do they recruit them Who does the logistics to bring them where they come from And what is the mode of operation of these groups They are still investigating it For now the detainees are going to be charged with kidnapping damage and injury

The newspaper Reforma reports that after crossing the images and videos released by the Morelos Prosecutors Office one of the leaders of the blockades has been identified Eduardo Vidal el Caña Authorities associate him with the Guerreros Unidos criminal group the gang linked to the disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa students

The governor of Morelos already announced Thursday in a press conference accompanied by prosecutors and police authorities that he stands before the taking of booths

We cannot allow these abuses They say they are protesters but they attack the drivers All citizens have the right to demonstrate but we will not allow attacks If they come from other states we are prepared We count on the National Guard to support us


Headlines News

New Champions Returns Laliga Abdicates In Europe

The Champions League kicks off this Tuesday with LaLiga paralyzed by the defeats of Madrid Barcelona and Sevilla on the eve of Saturday’s classic at the Camp Nou Spanish representatives no longer count in predictions or betting as favorites for a continental title to be decided on May 29 at Istanbul’s.

Atatürk Olympic Stadium the scene of the famous 2005 LiverpoolMilan and the designated venue for the final from 2020 finally transferred to Lisbon.

The candidacy of Madrid hegemonic with 13 titles winner of four of the five trophies from 2013 to 2018 is under suspicion after being eliminated in the last 16 of the last two editions against Ajax and Manchester City.

Although they won LaLiga Zidane’s team has not recovered from the fall at the Etihad Today it seems a denatured and reluctant team because it assumes a resigned loss to Cádiz.

Barças chain of defeats has been so loud that it practically competes with the number of tournaments won five The memory of Rome Liverpool and Lisbon and especially the 28 against Bayern mortgages any project also that of a modern coach who tries to metabolize Barcelona like Koeman Messi is a player forcibly recruited into a team whose fate depends on the cohabitation between youngsters and veterans and therefore on Messi’s own association with Pedri and Ansu Fati.

Atlético is feared for being the worst of the adversaries capable of even eliminating the previous champion Liverpool last season and yet it is not counted as a qualified candidate possibly due to its defeatist nature in the three final disputed while Sevilla still needs to earn in the Champions League the respect they acquired in the Europa League a competition they dominate with six titles the winner of the last edition against Inter.

The calcium the Premier and the Bundesliga generate more signings and football news that no social or economic that Laliga trapped by the loss of hierarchy of their classic clubs and the lack of figures marked differences since the departure of Cristiano and melancholy Messi.

Spanish football is in a waiting room waiting for players like Hazard Odegaard João Félix or Ansu Fati and Pedri to take off the generation willing to live with legends like Sergio Ramos Piqué Busquets and Navas after the groups’ self-absorption led by Isco There is a lot of uncertainty since Florentino took care of beautifying the stadium while waiting for Mbappé.

PSGs fate depends on Neymars biorhythms in the same way that Guardiola’s City aspirations are conditioned by the coupling of its central Aké and Rubén Dias and Liverpool’s fate is at the expense of Van Dijks recovery it will be operated on the right knee and will be out for several months— after improving with Thiago And it is already known that there is no team with more self-esteem or adaptability than Bayern who won in Lisbon and reinforced by Sané.

The investment decreased by 40 compared to last year despite the efforts of Chelsea which has Havertz and Werner and the update of Cristianos Juve trained by Pirlo Nor should we forget Dortmunds effort to have Haaland The common enemy however is covid19 which threatens football at a time when teams are invited to play at a high pace difficult for Spaniards to follow further affected by the fact that stadiums remain closed to the public when the Champions allows a capacity of 30 Nothing plays in favor of LaLiga.


A Protocol For Relevant Leagues To Start In the Beginning Of December

It is strictly necessary for the return to the competition to take place as soon as possible This was signed in a joint statement by the Association of Spanish Footballers and the Iberdrola League players who had scheduled the first day on the first weekend of September and still do not know when they will play again.

Almost six months after the cancellation of the competitions they squeeze many needs One is very obvious “We have the right to have our profession guaranteed and measures are established to develop it with a health guarantee Our families depend financially on it.

The situation is identical in dozens of disciplines Were late but well be back for sure resolves Xavi Moyano manager of the Spanish Skating Federation which yesterday announced the cancellation of the King and Queens Cup

The Higher Sports Council CSD is working on it and yesterday presented in a meeting with representatives of the autonomous communities its idea so that the activity can be resumed an exhaustive protocol that concerns what the CSD identifies as “absolute nonprofessional federative leagues of relevance ”.

There it integrates the Second B and the Third Division into the highest category of women’s football which they consider as the starting date in the middle of October And it also points to elite competitions and not all in basketball handball futsal rugby roller hockey field hockey water polo and volleyball in addition to the Spanish Motorcycle Championship the National Rally Championship and cycling or tennis competitions

The requirements are detailed in a 37page document that he anticipates is based on the impossibility of ensuring a completely riskfree environment But the doubts don’t stop there The CSD raises the obligation to carry out PCR 72 hours before the start of the competition and with it already underway random controls will be carried out.

If the tests were before each day each team would incur an expense of no less than 35000 euros per season “It would be unaffordable We would all close ” ditch Moyano who is part of the working group that integrates federative and CSD so that sports activity returns “We are three million federated practitioners in total a million more if we add football It is a powerful economic activity ” he describes.

But investing in health security has more costs On the way each athlete must stay in an individual room and the teams must reserve watertight dining rooms for them They will have to identify a delegate to enforce the protocol and a hygiene officer to check the facilities when they play as locals On the court the possibility is even open for athletes or referees to wear a mask during training sessions and games since in exceptional situations it could be required by regional authorities or federations, In any case, it is always mandatory off the pitch.

The catalog of recommendations is comparable to that carried out by citizens But the competition demands a specific solution such as avoiding the match with the rival team on arrival and departure at the facilities enabling as many changing rooms as possible or setting shifts to change At the entrance you must have at least a digital thermometer disinfectant at five different points as well as boxes with gloves and masks The CSD recommends that the matches be behind closed doors but leaves the final decision in the hands of federations and autonomous communities.

The draft under discussion details what to do in the event of a positive for covid19 in the development of competition It proposes that the infected person be isolated for a minimum of ten days and the situation is communicated to the corresponding health department and their federation Close contacts must be isolated for 14 days and subjected to tests and the facilities where the infected athlete has been will have to be disinfected


Rins Wins The Aragon Gp With A Victory Against Alex Marquez

There is no more elegant rider in MotoGP Because of the way he looks up at the apex of the curve his neck stretched out his peephole always pointing to the horizon For how he traces with the delicacy with which a waltz is danced always holding onto his Suzuki with sweetness.

There is no better travel companion for Alex Rins who defends his style without making noise who does not succumb to fashions who just takes off the bike just enough This Sunday in Alcañiz a few kilometers from Valdealgorfa the town of Teruel that has seen him grow summer after summer the boy from Barcelona achieved his first victory of the year.

It was made to wait Especially after a nasty crash in the first race of the year in Jerez which left his back and shoulder battered He avoided the operating room but could not remedy a slow recovery on a motorcycle and from circuit to circuit.

His delicate physical condition, as well as the character of the Suzuki so constant in the race less explosive than its rivals when it comes to embroidering a very fast lap have forced Rins to sign the staff, are grateful wonderful comebacks this year.

As soon as he improved and managed not to get stuck in Q1 As happened this Saturday the comeback was less spectacular but it also lasted fewer laps And it allowed him to reach the head of the race in no time

Petrucci sweeps in the rain Alex Márquez delivers a fantastic comeback
Àlex Márquez, They say that only Marc knows how to drive the Honda.

Among those few in addition to his teammate Mir who deflated in the final laps to finish third on an entirely Spanish podium and by the way, reach the lead was Álex Márquez No one was counting on him despite the fact that he already took the podium last Sunday at a rainy Le Mans circuit.

The youngest of the Márquez started 11th right next to the one who was his teammate for years first in the Spanish championship than in the Moto3 World Championship Both same age they are now 24 same goals different trajectory after Rins left Emilio Alzamora.

They met again a few years later fighting for the victory as they did when they were children Márquez’s comeback smooth on the gas delicate on the line his foot on the ground at each stop was more striking because he built it little by little one overtaking after another.

And they were all pure spectacle Finally very comfortable on that stubborn Honda that in his hands seems less brave every day Álex overtook the experienced Dovizioso finally seventh the fast Ducati of Miller the sweet Yamaha of Morbidelli and Quartaro also of Viñales and to the aggressive Mir

His career also casts doubt on the axiom assumed by all after years of dominance by his older brother “they say that only Marc knows how to drive the Honda” Alex conceded in a recent interview Many even thought that only one style aggressive the body completely off the hook knee elbow and shoulder scratching the asphalt served to win in MotoGP Although Márquez the oldest is not on the track these months absent due to injury after a crash in the first race in Jerez the two Álexes showed in Alcañiz that there are other ways to fly And to fight for victory

There are especially in races like this in which those who manage to pamper their tires more and better are in charge Rins and Álex Márquezthey are of those So they ended up meeting in a few meters five laps from the end When the first suffered most the second attacked who saw victory so close that he could not resist trying Until a scare at the entrance of the last corner when there was only one lap left to finish brought him back to reality The condition of the tires was becoming critical and the Honda gave it a slight jolt when the Suzuki of its rival was on top.

He lost a few tenths and also the opportunity to sign a last overtaking in search of victory He did not play it again Two podiums in a row were already a good booty for someone who begins to feel again a great pilot Champion of Moto3 and Moto2 he is a diesel he assures when the critic looks at him with distrust It has cost him less to get there however than he expected


Barca Handball Squad Confined After Four Positives

The Barça handball squad has been confined after detecting three positive cases for covid19 in the PCR tests carried out on Friday The three positives are added to that of the Danish player Casper Mortensen which was reported last Tuesday.

The Barça squad has been confined since Saturday, October 17, and will remain that way for 10 days Due to this the Barça club has requested the postponement of the match against Telekom Veszprém on October 21 corresponding to the fifth day of the Champions League.

And against BM Benidorm on the 24th of the tenth day of the Asobal League The components of the affected Barça squad are in good health isolated in their homes and will comply with the protocols established by the health authorities.

The positives at Barça are added to the numerous cases that have occurred between Asobal teams that have caused the postponement of a third of those that should have been played so far One of the postponed matches was precisely the one that was set for this Saturday between Bidasoa Irún and Barça due to the cases that affected the Gipuzkoan clubs’ squad.

On September 15 Barça winger Alex Pascual tested positive The player had no contact with his teammates during the previous days But coach Xavi Pascual despite having a negative PCR test was quarantined because he had contact with Alex.

Other teams that have had to suspend their matches in the Champions League due to covid19 cases are the Hungarian Pick Szeged and the Ukrainian Zaporizhzhia.

The Ademar reported on Friday that two players tested positive for covid The rest of the staff tested negative and isolated as a precaution According to the health protocols of the Community of Castilla y León the team will not be able to travel to Russia where next Tuesday it was due to debut in the European League against Chekhovskie Medvedi.

The International Federation has granted the pass to the third round of the EHF Cup to Rocasa Gran Canaria because it had agreed to play both games of the tie against Westfriesland SEW of the Netherlands to save costs The restrictions of the health authorities in the Netherlands made it impossible to play both games.


Almeida Bends But Does Not Break Joao Almeida

Cycling is a fight and suffering said the noble Jean de Gribaldy his teacher to Joaquim Agostinho and Joao Almeida is his heir and it is also Agostinho who bent but never broke and was Ocañas best friend an indomitable fighter a resistant used to always running to the limit without going overboard in the cold ascent to Piancavallo old snow in the gutters.

He fights against himself and against all Almeida beautiful in pink and alone his tongue out against the pain in his legs against fatigue against the wind in his face against Kelderman who wants to seize his treasure and has used all his team the very strong Sunweb thirsty young people to reduce the peloton to crumbs to leave Nibali Pello Bilbao who falls to fifth place in the general 3m 10s behind Almeida.

Pozzovivo McNulty and they try to regroup join in relays survive Ahead two Sunwebs Kelderman their nominal leader on the wheel and Hindley a 24yearold Australian the brilliant young man who comes to stay and scares his strength his energy when he accelerates in the last nine kilometers and the group bursts.

And keep accelerating in the lead until the last 100 meters pink jersey which at the exit of the Tricolored Arrows airbase the armies acrobatic squad had 56s And Kelderman whom everyone calls a little ant because he is never seen but little by little he fills his barn neither wins victory nor gets pink Almeida resists and leads the rest day even if only for 15s And human despite everything the Portuguese collapse when crossing the finish line exhausted and empty and happy.

In an adult and wicked variant of the fable when in winter the ant gobbles up its barn so laboriously accumulated in summer and is plump and juicy the smart and lazy cicada eats it as Tao Geoghegan Hart a blond pale Londoner of 25 years old riding the arrogant Sunweb all day devours Kelderman a 29yearold Dutchman who in the final sprint so tired he seems nor does he have the strength to oppose the Englishman from Ineos who wins the stage and can win the Giro so fresh and brilliant he is appreciated at the beginning of a third week that will have on Wednesday the Madonna di Campiglio in which Pantani died for the first time in 1999 and then the mystery because it seems complicated that the Stelvio stages on Friday and the Izoard on Saturday can be contested as they appear in the roadbook two giants above 2500 meters normally impracticable due to snow since September The Briton who loves Colombia who loves Egan who loves the mountains is fourth overall 2m 57s behind Almeida 1s behind Hindley third.

By getting Ineos a fifth victory this Giro three from Ganna and one from Narváez before Geoghegan remembered Nico Portal its dead director with sorrow and perhaps with a certain inner joy was able to thank Geraint Thomas for the leader of the designated team crashed in the second stage Without the Welshman the other seven riders Castroviejo Dennis Puccio Swift Ganna Narváez and Geoghegan have had the freedom to organize their stage for their own benefit every day and quality to exhibit to the envy of all the great fund closet that owns the richest team in the world.


Parejo’s Revenge current Villarreal dresses better than Valencia

The current Villarreal dresses better than Valencia In the offices and on the pitch as demonstrated in La Cerámica Emerys team won in a match played at a good level to overcome a competitive Valencian team who threw pride and courage to make up their shortcomings.

To make matters worse two exValencianistas Alcácer and Parejo set the rubric sealing the victory with two goals Parejo Peter Lims gift to Roig championed the yellow victory in an exalted match by the former captain that elevates Villarreal

Villarreals supremacy was reflected from the opening whistle The center of the yellow field took control of the ball and exercised control of the game with discretion And after five minutes he was already sending on the scoreboard by transforming a penalty committed by Gabriel Paulista to Pedraza that transformed solvent Alcácer The one from Torrent celebrated the goal in a discreet way out of respect for his hometown Valencianism.

Valencia’s reaction was timid and with little conviction More natural was the deployment of Villarreal led by Parejo and agitated by Chukwueze and Moi Gómez Emerys boy for everything with Pedraza frequently striking down the left flank And when things did not look good for Valencia Guedes appeared the good one the one with the goals.

A corner kick taken short by Soler started the Portugueses diagonal who fired a great shot to get a draw in the episodic and splendid action A goal for the eternal Españeta.

Valencia started the second half with a perfect counter that Álex Blanco missed Villarreal was warned and Javi Gracia’s group began to grow And the team that met with a double and unexpected yellow genius Kubo touched the ball with his heel for Parejos arrival who launched a missile that sneaked into Doménechs goal after hitting the crossbar.

The Coslada player could not suppress the joy of his first goal at Villarreal and later apologized to the club where he has spent his last nine seasons Valencia was left with the final outburst defeated against a better Villarreal.


Denounced For Avoiding Danger On Everest

Lately, nothing seems normal when talking about Everest If the effects of the pandemic in 2020 have closed the way to the roof of the planet avoiding new dramas and agglomerations in the fall of 2019 closed with news that has caused perplexity and unease.

A client the CEO of a Silicon Valley company has sued his guide for breach of contract and fraud Specifically the plaintiff Zac Bookman claims compensation of 100000 85000 euros from the guide an American like him Garrett Madison If the lawsuit is successful and if a judge rules in favor of the plaintiff the life of the guides and the interpretation of their work would have a dangerous before and after.

It all started in mid-September shortly after the guide and his four clients reached base camp on the south side of the mountain in Nepal The most classic and simple route in the mountain is usually faced preferably in spring when the route presents the best conditions.

On the other hand, autumn after the monsoon snowfalls is a more dangerous time due to the risk of avalanches that the mountain can present but the limited presence of mountaineers in the base camp guarantees at least that there are no tragic traffic jams on the top.

In fact on this occasion only the team of guide Garrett Madison and two Polish groups appeared in the square Kilian Jornet also wanted to attack the route but the conditions left much to be desired heat excessive accumulation of snow and above all the threat of a gigantic mass of hanging ice called serac that could break off and sweep the Khumbu waterfall the dangerous section that gives access to field one.

Madison already knew in advance the disastrous effects that such a phenomenon could cause in April 2014 the fall of a serac smaller than the one that now hung like a sword of Damocles took the lives of 16 Sherpa workers Madison himself spent two days searching for the lifeless bodies and told Outside magazine that he was unwilling to go through the same trance again.

Apart from the objective of reaching the top the expedition intended to test garments from a well-known mountain clothing brand the same one that sponsors Madison The firm’s own president Joe Vernachio and another of his sponsored climbers Tim Emmett were among the guide’s clients.

The now applicant and another client closed the group As soon as they learned of the threat Vernachio and Emmett decided to pack their bags on the advice of their guide who since 2009 has placed 60 clients on the roof of the planet We chose security against the ego he summarized for Outside Vernachio.

Here however the problems for the guide began and this despite the fact that far from canceling the expedition he offered to continue with his two remaining clients in the hope that the serac would fall short and clear the way.

Five days later Bookman lost his patience and demanded that his guide make an attempt to go to the top or failing that that he return part of the 69500 he had paid for his services Possibility that this declined by virtue of the signed contract in which it is specified that the amount contributed does not guarantee to step on the top of Everest.

Bookman hinted that his guides reservations had less to do with the threat from the serac than with the inability of the Sherpas hired by Madison to outfit the Khumbu waterfall as well as the resignation of Emmett and Vernachio He felt cheated.

Víctor Ruiz de Erentxun’s lawyer master in mountain law and teacher in the training of guides from Kirolene in the Basque Country clarifies that anyone can sue anyone for whatever reason.

“However Anglo-Saxon laws and their interpretation differ quite a lot from Spanish or French ones and there sometimes the word is given serves to validate an agreement.

It does not seem that the case of the client and his guide on Everest will prosper but if so it is clear that a similar case could occur in Spain although it is not easy I recommend to my students that their clients especially in risky activities sign the clauses of their contract that specify the reasons for aborting an exit and the financial compensation or the absence of it in that case ” he adds.

Raúl Lora president of the Spanish Association of Mountain Guides has no evidence that a client has ever sued his guide in Spain “Yes it is true that almost all guides have experienced tense moments when an ascent has to be canceled either because of danger bad weather or physical disability of the client but then we refer to what was signed and here each guide decides the terms of the contract that it extends to its clients and must comply with them ”.

In this sense, Ruiz de Erentxun observes that “sometimes the guide decides to turn around due to the dangerous terrain bad weather or because the client is not physically or technically up to the task but if the client can demonstrate that he was in However that you have a previous climbing curriculum that the weather was good and that other groups reached the goal a judge may decide in your favor and the guide must compensate you financially.

This does not mean that the case creates jurisprudence a judge from another province could rule against the plaintiff The reality is that 100 years ago no one went to the mountains as a hobby and in Spain 30 years ago no one paid to go to the mountains so for legal purposes it is a very new profession with many gaps ”.

If the complaint against the North American guide who has found a pro bono lawyer to defend him proceeds and resolves against the defendant a very strange circumstance Raúl Lora considers that mountain guides would be very difficult to make the right decisions when you know that they can report you.

It may be asked what would weigh more in their good judgment if the fear of an accident or the fear of being reported A mountain guide cannot guarantee the safety of his clients he is paid instead to manage the risk inherent in his activity to make complex technical and humane decisions in a dangerous environment.

Your life and that of your clients depend on your decisions and in no case should these be conditioned by factors other than your experience or your evaluation of the general circumstances Even if you pay a lot of money the way to the top cannot be bought reflected Tim Emmett referring to those who do not take no for an answer.


Novel Of South On Tiptoe A Giant Was Born

The European Cup had accumulated enough prestige since its inception in the 195556 seasons but the big clubs in the main leagues were beginning to run out of business especially economically.

They considered it mandatory to grow to seek more income and that competition had a lot of room for improvement The Italians Milan and Juventus and Spanish Real Madrid and Barcelona began the maneuvers in the dark UEFA owner of the tournament felt harassed and without much conviction began to develop a small reform that would satisfy at least momentarily the most demanding.

Thus was born just 30 years ago what is now known as the Champions League although in its first edition 199192 it was still called the Champions Cup The competition par excellence of world football at club level and a reference and mirror of many other later experiences in other sports.

On tiptoe almost anonymous in a statement in September 1990 by the then UEFA general secretary Gerhard Aigner to the Swiss newspaper Sport for the first time it was hinted that the competition’s quarterfinals and semifinals could disappear and the Eight surviving teams from the sixteenth and eighth would form two groups of four The two champions would contest the final.

The reform was confirmed by the UEFA Executive Committee on April 18 1991 The objective was none other than to secure more matches In this first step two From the four in the quarters and semifinals to the six in the league Box office revenues and television contracts would increase.

Incidentally, to the big clubs took measures to minimize the risks of early elimination After a Real MadridMilan in the second round of 8990 UEFA was urged to create the figure of the seeds so that they could not meet before the quarterfinals.

The rule came into force in 9091 and the white team was eliminated against all odds by Spartak Moscow 13 at the Bernabéu in the quarterfinals.

When UEFA President Lennart Johansson announced the new formula for the European Cup it went almost unnoticed The media gave much more importance to another decision Liverpool’s return to continental competitions after six years of suspension after the Heysel tragedy.

The renewed format came into force in the 9192 seasons on an experimental basis and that is why the name of the Champions Cup was kept Key to settling the test was that the final of that 1992 edition was played by Johan Cruyff’s Barcelona and an Italian club Sampdoria The Catalans won with Koemans goal Two strongest league clubs that blessed the change.

The test was repeated in the following campaign already called the Champions League and in 9394 the loop was curled after the quarterfinal league two semifinals in a single game between the first two of each group at the home of the first.

In the 9798 seasons, the second classified of the leagues with the best UEFA ranking were accepted and the four groups went from four to six In 1999 the third and fourth of the top-ranked championships entered and the two-league model was established for four years In 2003 the second group stage was abolished the eighths returned and these fundamentals have been maintained until today with the exception that now the first four of the four best leagues Spain England Germany and Italy enter directly in the group stage.

As the clubs’ intentions to reach a European League even a closed one are kept alive with regular meetings of the most interested parties and UEFA is no stranger to this it is not surprising that the amount of prizes increases every year An example Real Madrid entered by winning the 2014 edition a total of 574 million Four years later it reached almost 90 and Bayern this year has passed 120 without accounting for marketing.