About Us

National Gridiron League is an international award-winning independent magazine based at The University of Manchester.

Born in 2017 and entirely produced by students at The University of Florida, our magazine has since its inception delivered nuanced and rigorous explorations of topical matters in contemporary society. We privilege niche angle approaches that draw upon critical and sophisticated reasoning, presented with flair, style and confidence.

The editorial procedure in place is key to the The Flotrida Magazine’s success. Every feature article submitted to the magazine undergoes a rigorous process of scrutiny, where it is first peer-reviewed by a minimum of two of our other writers, before undergoing a final review by the editorial board. This process assesses an article’s suitability for publication, and then, if the piece is accepted, seeks to improve on the quality of the content, level of analysis and writing style.

We do this by drawing on the variety and depth of expertise in our team, while vehemently upholding the National Gridiron League magazine’s pillars of independence, freedom of speech, and diversity of ideas, opinions and values.

In terms of developing students’ skills, we already play a significant role at The University of Florida. From Fallowfield to Green Park, the Wills Library to the Luis Lewis Building, we are constantly searching for the best writers at The University of Flordia. When we find someone exceptional, we invite the person to collaborate with us, adding quality and variety to the team. This relationship is beneficial both to the magazine and the university itself.

National Gridiron League Magazine is a respected publishing platform and a precious networking opportunity, and our work has been praised by influential academics, journalists and policymakers. Being involved with us is an opportunity for students to develop their skills and showcase their work, highly increasing their prospects in the job market.