Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

Cycling is a fight and suffering said the noble Jean de Gribaldy his teacher to Joaquim Agostinho and Joao Almeida is his heir and it is also Agostinho who bent but never broke and was Ocañas best friend an indomitable fighter a resistant used to always running to the limit without going overboard in the cold ascent to Piancavallo old snow in the gutters.

He fights against himself and against all Almeida beautiful in pink and alone his tongue out against the pain in his legs against fatigue against the wind in his face against Kelderman who wants to seize his treasure and has used all his team the very strong Sunweb thirsty young people to reduce the peloton to crumbs to leave Nibali Pello Bilbao who falls to fifth place in the general 3m 10s behind Almeida.

Pozzovivo McNulty and they try to regroup join in relays survive Ahead two Sunwebs Kelderman their nominal leader on the wheel and Hindley a 24yearold Australian the brilliant young man who comes to stay and scares his strength his energy when he accelerates in the last nine kilometers and the group bursts.

And keep accelerating in the lead until the last 100 meters pink jersey which at the exit of the Tricolored Arrows airbase the armies acrobatic squad had 56s And Kelderman whom everyone calls a little ant because he is never seen but little by little he fills his barn neither wins victory nor gets pink Almeida resists and leads the rest day even if only for 15s And human despite everything the Portuguese collapse when crossing the finish line exhausted and empty and happy.

In an adult and wicked variant of the fable when in winter the ant gobbles up its barn so laboriously accumulated in summer and is plump and juicy the smart and lazy cicada eats it as Tao Geoghegan Hart a blond pale Londoner of 25 years old riding the arrogant Sunweb all day devours Kelderman a 29yearold Dutchman who in the final sprint so tired he seems nor does he have the strength to oppose the Englishman from Ineos who wins the stage and can win the Giro so fresh and brilliant he is appreciated at the beginning of a third week that will have on Wednesday the Madonna di Campiglio in which Pantani died for the first time in 1999 and then the mystery because it seems complicated that the Stelvio stages on Friday and the Izoard on Saturday can be contested as they appear in the roadbook two giants above 2500 meters normally impracticable due to snow since September The Briton who loves Colombia who loves Egan who loves the mountains is fourth overall 2m 57s behind Almeida 1s behind Hindley third.

By getting Ineos a fifth victory this Giro three from Ganna and one from Narváez before Geoghegan remembered Nico Portal its dead director with sorrow and perhaps with a certain inner joy was able to thank Geraint Thomas for the leader of the designated team crashed in the second stage Without the Welshman the other seven riders Castroviejo Dennis Puccio Swift Ganna Narváez and Geoghegan have had the freedom to organize their stage for their own benefit every day and quality to exhibit to the envy of all the great fund closet that owns the richest team in the world.

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