Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

It is strictly necessary for the return to the competition to take place as soon as possible This was signed in a joint statement by the Association of Spanish Footballers and the Iberdrola League players who had scheduled the first day on the first weekend of September and still do not know when they will play again.

Almost six months after the cancellation of the competitions they squeeze many needs One is very obvious “We have the right to have our profession guaranteed and measures are established to develop it with a health guarantee Our families depend financially on it.

The situation is identical in dozens of disciplines Were late but well be back for sure resolves Xavi Moyano manager of the Spanish Skating Federation which yesterday announced the cancellation of the King and Queens Cup

The Higher Sports Council CSD is working on it and yesterday presented in a meeting with representatives of the autonomous communities its idea so that the activity can be resumed an exhaustive protocol that concerns what the CSD identifies as “absolute nonprofessional federative leagues of relevance ”.

There it integrates the Second B and the Third Division into the highest category of women’s football which they consider as the starting date in the middle of October And it also points to elite competitions and not all in basketball handball futsal rugby roller hockey field hockey water polo and volleyball in addition to the Spanish Motorcycle Championship the National Rally Championship and cycling or tennis competitions

The requirements are detailed in a 37page document that he anticipates is based on the impossibility of ensuring a completely riskfree environment But the doubts don’t stop there The CSD raises the obligation to carry out PCR 72 hours before the start of the competition and with it already underway random controls will be carried out.

If the tests were before each day each team would incur an expense of no less than 35000 euros per season “It would be unaffordable We would all close ” ditch Moyano who is part of the working group that integrates federative and CSD so that sports activity returns “We are three million federated practitioners in total a million more if we add football It is a powerful economic activity ” he describes.

But investing in health security has more costs On the way each athlete must stay in an individual room and the teams must reserve watertight dining rooms for them They will have to identify a delegate to enforce the protocol and a hygiene officer to check the facilities when they play as locals On the court the possibility is even open for athletes or referees to wear a mask during training sessions and games since in exceptional situations it could be required by regional authorities or federations, In any case, it is always mandatory off the pitch.

The catalog of recommendations is comparable to that carried out by citizens But the competition demands a specific solution such as avoiding the match with the rival team on arrival and departure at the facilities enabling as many changing rooms as possible or setting shifts to change At the entrance you must have at least a digital thermometer disinfectant at five different points as well as boxes with gloves and masks The CSD recommends that the matches be behind closed doors but leaves the final decision in the hands of federations and autonomous communities.

The draft under discussion details what to do in the event of a positive for covid19 in the development of competition It proposes that the infected person be isolated for a minimum of ten days and the situation is communicated to the corresponding health department and their federation Close contacts must be isolated for 14 days and subjected to tests and the facilities where the infected athlete has been will have to be disinfected

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